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Welcome to the SEMAINE Trac system

This is the software development environment of the EU project SEMAINE.

Here we host the code of the SEMAINE system -- a non-verbally competent Sensitive Artificial Listener (SAL).

System demonstrators

The following pages provide user information on how to download, install and use the SAL systems.

  • SEMAINE-3.0 is the latest implementation of an autonomous Sensitive Artificial Listener.
  • SEMAINE-2.0 is a first fully operational implementation of an autonomous Sensitive Artificial Listener.
  • SEMAINE-1.0 is the first public demonstrator of the SEMAINE system.

Developer documentation

The following pages provide developer information on how to configure, adapt and reuse the SEMAINE code, including the middleware (SEMAINE API) and the components.

  • Javadoc for the Java part of the SEMAINE system


  • API Overview is an introduction into the API used in the system.
  • 08/2008: A dummy system is ready: see Dummy System for details on how to set it up and try it out.

Getting started with TRAC

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