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    33Released 24 September 2010. 
    5 The aim of [ the SEMAINE project] is to build a Sensitive Artificial Listener (SAL) – a multimodal dialogue system with the social interaction skills needed for a sustained conversation with a human user. SEMAINE-3.0 is a full implementation of a SAL. [ This video] illustrates the concept. 
     6Sensitive Artificial Listeners (SAL) are virtual dialogue partners who, despite their very limited verbal understanding, intend to engage the user in a conversation by paying attention to the user's emotions and non-verbal expressions. The SAL characters have their own emotionally defined personality, and attempt to drag the user towards their dominant emotion, through a combination of verbal and non-verbal expression. 
     8[ The SEMAINE project] has created an open-source implementation of fully autonomous SAL characters. It combines state-of-the-art emotion-oriented technology into a real-time interactive system. The SAL characters register your voice from a microphone, using a combination of speech recognition and vocal emotion recognition. They perceive your facial expressions and head movements through a video camera. They express themselves through a virtual animated face and a synthetic expressive voice. [ This video] illustrates the concept. 
     11== New in version 3.0 == 
     13 * improved speech recognition 
     14 * improved emotion recognition from video and audio 
     15 * new fusion of multimodal emotion and behaviour recognition 
     16 * richer dialogues 
     17 * more expressive behaviour when speaking and listening 
     18 * improved system architecture for faster reaction times 
     19 * new Moderator character explains how to use the system 
     20 * supports the latest W3C EmotionML Working Draft 
     21 * easier installation 
     22 * works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, as well as Mac OS X and Linux 
     23 * simplified configuration of multiple aspects of the system 
     25A multitude of technical issues have been addressed - for details see