Compiling SEMAINE-3.0 components from source code

Linux and Mac OS X

On Linux or Mac, the SEMAINE API library and the Opensmile SEMAINE component can be built from the SEMAINE-3.0-source package. All third-party software required to run the system is open source software, and is already included in the install package.

To build the system, a number of standard build tools need to be installed: gcc, automake, etc. To install them on an Ubuntu Linux system, type:

sudo apt-get install automake autoconf gcc g++ libasound2-dev make libtool patch libx11-dev

To compile the required third-party software, the SEMAINE API and opensmile, go to the SEMAINE-3.0 directory and type:


Compilation may take an hour. The configuration file bin/buildall/modules.config is the most important file to configure the build process if needed.

We have tested this on Ubuntu Linux 10.04 and on Mac OS X 10.6.4 with the autotools installed via MacPorts.


The SEMAINE-3.0-java components require Java 1.6.

To recompile Java code, get the Java Software Development Kit (JDK) from, as well as the ant build tool, available from If you like to edit source code with Eclipse, there is also an Eclipse project for the java components in SEMAINE-3.0/java.

The source code of MARY TTS is available from -- the MARY TTS installer includes an optional source package. Alternatively, the source code is available by anonymous svn as described on To compile, run ant in the top-level MARY directory.


If you want to build the components from the source code, you need to install a Visual C++ 2005 build environment and third-party software as follows.

Visual C++ 2005 build environment

Remember where the Platform SDK gets installed -- e.g., C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.1. To make sure that Visual C++ uses this version of the Platform SDK in compiling the code, proceed as follows.

  • In Visual C++, go to "Tools"->"Options..."->"Projects and Solutions"->"VC++ Directories".
  • From "Show directories for", select "Include files". Click the "new line" button and add the "Include" subdirectory of the Platform SDK, e.g. "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.1\Include".
  • From "Show directories for", select "Library files". Click the "new line" button and add the "Lib" subdirectory of the Platform SDK, e.g. "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.1\Lib".

Third-party software dependencies

All third-party software dependencies are now included in the SEMAINE-3.0-source package as precompiled libraries.

Building the SEMAINE API

The solution file for the SEMAINE API is SEMAINE-3.0\c++\vs2005\semaine.sln.

It should be sufficient to select "build solution" from the Visual Studio menu to build the SEMAINE API library and some dummy executable components.

Building OpenSMILE

The build files and detailed build instructions for Opensmile are located in SEMAINE-3.0\c++\src\tum\auxiliary\build.

Building Greta

The source code of Greta can be obtained from . Greta is easy to build once the environment is set up properly; there is a solution file called GretaApplications\GretaActive\MSVC\GretaActiveAll.sln which will build all sub-projects.

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