Hardware required to run SEMAINE-2.0


At least one fast computer running Windows Vista. Core2Duo with 2.5 GHz or faster and 4 GB RAM is recommended.

To run the video analysis components, a second computer with similar specs.

The system can run as a distributed system by running the various components on different machines. In that case, the CPU and memory requirements are lower.


You require a Firewire or USB camera with OpenCV-2.0 compatibility.


A headset is needed for reasonable speech analysis quality. The headset should be configured as the default audio input device. Since the software is adaptive, reasonable results are expected with a broad range of headsets.

Tested setup

We have run the system with the following setup:

  • Windows Vista SP1 on a Dell XPS 1730 Laptop with Core2Duo 2.53 GHz and 4 GB RAM, running Greta and SEMAINE video components
    • A Stingray F-046B Firewire camera connected to the Winodws machine;
  • Ubuntu Linux 9.10 on a Lenovo Thinkpad T60 with 2 GB RAM, running ActiveMQ, java components, and opensmile
    • a Plantronics noise-cancelling headset connected to the Linux machine.
  • (optionally, to reduce the load on the Linux machine, one of ActiveMQ, java components and opensmile has been run on a Mac Book Pro with 2.33 GHz Core2Duo and 2 GB RAM)
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