SEMAINE-2.0 Dependencies: Required software

The following software is required to run the SEMAINE-2.0 system. (additional software is required to compile SEMAINE-2.0 components).

Java 1.6

The SEMAINE-2.0-java components require Java 1.6. For just running the system, the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is sufficient; you can obtain it from


Communication among all SEMAINE-2.0 components passes via the Java Messaging Service (JMS) server ActiveMQ. SEMAINE-2.0-windows includes ActiveMQ. You only need to install ActiveMQ separately if you want to run activemq on a linux or MacOS X machine. Binary distributions can be found at . All versions 5.x seem to work fine.

After installation, ActiveMQ can be started by running, on Linux/Mac OS X:


On Windows, ActiveMQ is automatically started from the start.bat script.

Windows Vista

The SEMAINE-2.0-windows components are distributed as binaries for Windows Vista. You need to have the following Software installed to run the windows components:

  • DirectX 9c or newer

Firewire camera

In order to use the SEMAINE Video components with a Firewire camera (such as the Stingray F-046B) compatible with Windows Vista and OpenCV 2.0, the camera must be recognized in the Device Manager as 1394 Digital Camera. This can be achieved by downloading and installing the CMU 1394 Digital Camera Driver ( If after the installation the camera is not recognized as CMU 1394 Digital Camera, proceed as follows:

  • The IEEE 1394 Bus host controller named RICOH OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 host controller should be uninstalled;
  • ‘Scan for hardware changes’ should be done;
  • In the imaging devices list, there should be now a 1394 Digital Camera. The driver for this camera should be updated by choosing the CMU 1394 Digital Camera Driver as the location for this update.     
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