SEMAINE-1.0-linux: The speech input components of the SEMAINE-1.0 system

Download and installation

Get SEMAINE-1.0-linux.tar.gz (~15mb) from . Untar it in your preferred location.

Check the dependencies section for linux before trying to compile the code.

Then, start compilation of all source code of third-party and SEMAINE software by running


Depending on the speed of the machine, the compilation takes about one hour. NOTE: If you use a 64-bit platform, please read the paragraph below, BEFORE you run

Supported platforms

The compilation was tested on Ubuntu Linux 8.04 as well as OpenSUSE and Debian linux. It should work on any recent Linux.

The code also compiles on Mac OS X. It was tested on Mac OS X 10.5.7. Development environment, X11 SDK and automake/autoconf (can be installed using MacPorts) are required.

Under 64-bit openSuse the linux failes when compiling activemqcpp, issuing a symbol relocation error. It has not been tested yet, whether other 64-bit platforms are also affected. In order to avoid this Problem, please edit "bin/buildall/" and append CFLAGS="-fPIC" at the end of the ./configure line, before you run for the first time. If you did not do that beforehand and your build fails, then you can apply the fix after the failed build. However, you must then edit "bin/buildall/modules.config" and change the line ". $INCDIR/ enabled" to ". $INCDIR/ clean" and then run again. Applying the fix on 32-bit platforms should not do any harm.

Running the demonstrator

The Java code can be used in the following demonstrator configurations.

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