Running a distributed system

The default commands for starting the SEMAINE-1.0 demonstrators assume that the ActiveMQ server used is running on the localhost machine. However, it is very easy to run a distributed system, in which ActiveMQ, java components, and native components are running on different machines. Here is how it goes.

1. Determine IP address of machine running ActiveMQ

You can determine the IP address of the machine running ActiveMQ as follows.

  • If ActiveMQ is running on Linux, type into a terminal window:

(look for a line such as "inet")

  • If ActiveMQ is running on Windows, type into a DOS prompt:

(look for a line such as "IPv4 Address . . . . . :")

Note down this sequence of four numbers.

2. Set environment variable CMS_URL

All SEMAINE-1.0 programs (java, linux and windows) are checking for the environment variable CMS_URL. If it is set, they will contact ActiveMQ at that URL.

Assuming that the ActiveMQ server that should be used is running at the IP address, set the environment variable CMS_URL as follows.

  • on Linux (assuming BASH syntax):
export CMS_URL=tcp://
  • on Windows:
set CMS_URL=tcp://

3. Start demonstrator programs

After the environment variable CMS_URL is set, you can start the demonstrator programs as usual (see SEMAINE-1.0-speech2speech and SEMAINE-1.0-speech2face). They should report the address at which they are connecting the ActiveMQ server.

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